Web Marketing

Building Relationships

MarketingSimply having a website or establishing a social media profile and expecting people to come knocking on your digital door is not enough. Modern media and technology has led to customers being better informed and more discerning, than ever before. Today’s consumers want lasting and meaningful engagement.

It’s therefore crucial to your business success that there is a focus on how to better interact with the consumers of your goods and services, build durable, long-term relationships, and ensure that those relationships generate trust via meaningful engagement over time.

At iAuthenticate we are all about creating meaningful relationships with our clients. We love creating web marketing campaigns in partnership with businesses that want to succeed, connect and engage with their target audience. Our team of web marketing specialists are passionate believers in the importance of innovation. They have the necessary skills and experience to propel your business to new heights through creative, world-class web marketing strategies.

Full Range Of Services For Your Benefit

iAuthenticate delivers and specializes in the full spectrum of web marketing services. Our “one-stop-shop” web marketing services saves you time and money, not only because you only need to manage just the one relationship, but also because we can fully integrate your campaigns across various components with ease.

Good planning and strategy are the foundations for effective web marketing campaigns and after laying these foundations we build a program that plugs into those digital channels that your business needs in order to achieve its goals.

We deliver campaigns that integrate:

Website design, navigation, conversion and functionality

Search engine optimisation and search engine marketing (SEM) - using natural and paid search tools to deliver qualified traffic

Social media - Developing a strategy and/or campaign for engagement

● Email and database marketing - Designing and optimising your email communications program whilst harnessing customer information to generate personalized communications promoting your brand

● Online display advertising - Use of banner ads and other graphical advertisements to market your products and/or services online.

● Website analytics - Analysing your data to provide actionable insights.

Technology is changing rapidly and together with emerging market forces to stay ahead of competition we closely monitor all our campaigns and ensure they are flexible to change if needed in order to meet the objectives of your business.

Hands-On, Tailored Service

Marketing StrategyWe have a specialist team delivering design and creative concepts that reflects the objectives of each individual business. We pride ourselves in providing transparent services providing regular detailed reports explaining how our campaign has benefited your online progress.

All of our web marketing campaigns are strategically developed and focused on your business, target audience, and the very latest trends. Like you, we want to elevate your brand to stand out from the crowd. Our talented professionals push the boundaries to provide campaigns that are fresh, engaging and communicate a clear message in order to maximise your returns and results.

We’d love to hear from you to get to know about you and your business to see exactly how we can help you connect and engage the right people with your organization.