What is Zen Cart?

ZENCART E-Commerce in Style

ZenCart is an open source, free shopping cart which does not need HTML understanding to keep the online store. Goods are achieved so simply with many navigation qualities which can be added as buttons and much more. You can switch the settings on and off from the Admin place to organize your store design. This software gives support to many processors and offers them with the flexible token, and the functionality price is reduced and the discount the tax choices. It is suitable for the users when searching in SEO because it is innovative. PHP also writes the ZenCart, and it needs a MySQL file.

Online store management for ZenCart is good, and for the new website, you will consider the hosting, installing and other fundamentals to store management. Therefore you need to start from the beginning. The hosting requirements for ZenCart are not substantial, and many hosts use this software when the store is at an early stage for the services.  Some hosting companies still offer high quality of service depending on the reliability and the speed of the warehouse. They will also commit to support you follow all the steps for setup and to manage your shopping cart.  ZenCart installation is offered free by SiteGround. There is a softaculous script installer which is provided to you if you need or want to install it in a quick way and it is on the account Cpanel. Managing ZenCart is also very easy and straightforward. When you want to modify the design of store the SiteGround recommends the ZenCart templates and also give you free installation of the design that you choose.

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What is a Drupal CMS?


Drupal is an Internet content management tool as well as a customizable platform. It’s usually free, open source software that can be used by people or groups of people to create quickly and manage many types of internet sites. Scholars describe it as content management software that is used to make websites and other websites applications that we use every day. The Drupal project is usually software which is open to download by everyone, used by everyone and many people share it. For instance, Drupal has the biggest community of the open source that is used by designers, trainers, strategist, coordinators, editors and more so the politicians.

Application of Drupal

Drupal provides an arena where countries use Drupal for communicating with its people especially; France, United States, and London mostly use Drupal.  On the other hand, Drupal provides a platform where Multinational Corporations and International Media Companies such as British Broadcasting Corporation, National Broadcasting Company, and MTV UK depend on Drupal to update, communicate and also to entertain the universe. The Application and usage of Drupal have been made possible by International companies, the universities such as the University of Oxford who mostly put effort and ensures the world is a better place.

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What is a Joomla CMS


Joomla is the of the most well-known content management systems in the world which enables you to create and manage a website. It has a natural controlling part which handles all the types and tasks that this powerful Content Management System contains. Moreover, it has many free extensions for Joomla which enables users to spread its functionality and modify it to their purposes. There is a vast and friendly community that support Joomla Content Management System whereby anybody can get help from many experienced associates.

What is content management system?

A content management system is software which maintains a way of each part of the content on your Web site. The content can be regarding text, photos, music, video, and documents. The most important thing of using this software is that it does not require any knowledge or technical skills to manage it because it is capable of managing all your content. 

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What is WordPress


WordPress Is the fastest and powerful Content Management System software which is growing extremely fast and very easy to use which makes it used massively in blogging and managing content systems today. It is also an online tool used for creating a website which is written in PHP.  WordPress is mostly linked with blogs because it gives room for blogging experience whereby it is its main function. Designers decide to build WordPress to content management system instead of making it a tool for blogging. They developed its functions by providing a room to create many sites.

Who uses WordPress?

WordPress is mostly used by companies, also music sites and celebrities too. The most well- known blogs and also the music and news outlets, who, use word press. If you are using WordPress when publishing on the web for your company website, then you are in the right place. For an instant, some blogs such as Mashable use WordPress, the New York Times is one of the news channels that also use WordPress. The famous sites and people use WordPress so that their sites will be great and powerful.

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Microsoft Sharepoint

Microsoft SharePoint.

Windows SharePoint Services is a web platform that is usually in the form of a portal that allows users to create, manage and share document over a network. The platform also allows users to create web services that are customized to suit the requirements of a company or organization. The platform was built by Windows Corporation as a productivity suite and, therefore, it is available free of charge to users who have a license for Windows Server Web Hosting. SharePoint's main purpose is to function as a podium where files can be shared by authorized team members. These files that are shared range from lists, pictures, calendars, and documents to discussion boards. All that is part of SharePoint site and any user you entitle within the network of your association and consumers outside your systems such as associates or vendors. The users need to have the application so that they can access those pieces of information and work together with you. In other words, Microsoft SharePoint is an intranet platform which offers employees

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