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Choosing a good web host can be a cumbersome process.  What bandwidth, Space, database, analytics are just some of the decisions you must make in choosing a good web host.  Not to mention the support the hosting company offer can make or break the deal.  What about the future growth of your website or scalability?  What happens if you choose a web host and years later find out your options are limited?  Then you end up hiring a web developer or expert to conduct a migration, which can cost many business owners alot of money. 

Most web hosts provide good support services.  Do you call them or email them?  Many would agree, picking up your telephone and making a quick call to solve a critical problem can make or break a day or two worth of sales from your online business.  This day in age, we cannot afford downtime. 


We recommend for your web hosting needs.  At, you get that personal touch and the support they offer is fantastic.  The service is free or you have the option to upgrade the hosting plan to tailor to your business needs.  Prices range from free web hosting, which does not include analytics, however if your a tech savvy individual, then you should be aware of google analytics or bing web master tools to compensate for the lack of awstats.  The hosting they provide is Cpanel linux hosting and we all know how robust and concrete that service is.  A mysql database backend for dynamic websites is offered free of charge and there is NO bandwidth limit or traffic for that matter. 

Many hosting providers limit the functionality of the services that they offer.  For example they might offer you unlimited webspace, however what does that matter if the client is only allowed to upload 21000 files?  Most dynamic CMS systems by themselves are approx. 4000 - 7000 files out of the box, add in a few mods or upgrades and for sure that number will increase.  You might not use all that unlimited webspace, but for sure you'll peak out at the file limit.  They might offer you a free domain name, however we're speaking a saving of less then 2 cents a day, most of us leave that at the convenience store counter.

Other hosting providers will limit the PHP Memory or database memory, again what good is that if your business is growing and you'll for sure need to upgrade.  They might include a sale on a hosting package, but you must do the migration yourself, again forced to hire a technical professional.  So give yourself a break and sign up for a free account at and give them a try.

For more information, go on and sign up for a free web hosting package and try it out.  What's it going to cost you? 

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