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How do I make money with Bidvertiser?

What is Bidvertiser?

Currently advertising agencies have found an effective way of marketing online through a system of click per cost. As a matter of fact, Bidvertiser has emerged as one of the best advertising networks since it was introduced in 2003. As an advertising network, it offers efficient online marketing services similar to Adsense. While other advertising networks offer their service based visitor’s interests, Bidvertiser uses a bidding system. What Bidvertiser does, it provides a bidding system whereby a client with the highest bid is allowed to present an advert on your website. Normally, the advertising services of Bidvertiser focus on slides pop-under and banners.


With the Bidvertiser, a client is given a chance to present their ads on websites of their choice via the cost-per-click system. According to the terms provided by Bidvertiser, the flow of high paying ads depends on with the quality of the website. This advertising network mainly concentrates on niche sites which entail single topics particularly categories of making money online.  When one want to use Bidvertiser, they need to choose the banner they want to upload; then one can select the category they want to advertise on and put your keywords. For your ads to appear, you will have to put the highest price-per-click. Therefore, Bidvertiser is a trusted advertising network for the publishers.

Ways of making money with Bidvertiser

Bidvertiser provides a platform for the advertisers to place bids on advertising space available on the sites. The owner of the website has a chance of increasing their revenue once they get high paying bids. It is advisable not to spare a lot of space for Bidvertiser ads because even non-paid ads are displayed. The less Bidvertiser ads you have on your blog, the higher the chance of getting high paying ads. Bidvertiser puts ads on your site or blog and since it is an advertising company that pays per click you will get a chance to be paid when Bidvertiser ad is clicked.  They provide different ads so you can choose any to use in your website or blog. When Bidvertiser ads are used in a site or a blog they often change and the content in it changes to make it fresh. One can also make money through advertising methods of Bidvertiser. Use of banners is one of the Bidvertiser methods which you can use to make money, XML feeds which can be shown in the web search results. You can also use toolbars to make money because when a customer download and use the toolbar to search you will earn yourself money.

The types of ads that people click on your website determine how much you will be paid per click because Bidvertiser gives clients an opportunity to select various types of ads which they choose to put on their blogs or websites. This system will also give you a chance to check the bidding put for each ad, and you don’t have to approve the ads that are paying low because you will be left with those that are paying high. Bidvertiser is a better way of making more money online. The reason why you should use Bidvertiser is that it is the best alternative way of advertising Adsense. You can consider using Bidvertiser because it is similar to Adsense and it is not difficult.

Bidvertiser has referrals which can enable one increase income online. It gives an opportunity to hire as many people as you can who have an interest in making money through online. Explain to them how Bidvertiser can help them make money online. When people use your link to sign up, you will benefit. The more you help them signup, the more you benefit. This process is the way that Bidvertiser pays you. When an advertiser spends $10 by signing up the link through the referral, you will get $5 credit. You will also be credited $20 when the advertiser spends $50.

How you can add Bidvertiser ads on your website.

Banner ads are one of the methods of Bidvertiser. It is shown where the ad code is located. You can also place ads in the sidebar.  Put them between the content for the greatest CTR.

When you use it alongside Adsense, you just avoid placing Bidvertiser ads between the content. You can put it in the sidebars which are the best location or put to other places. Choose the best location to put Adsense on your website. The toolbar ad codes of Bidvertiser can also be put to your website. You can invite your subscribers to install the toolbar and also email others.

The Benefits of Bidvertiser

1. Bidvertiser uses PayPal for payments because it is fast

2. One can get $10 in months because it is not difficult. This means it has a low payout.

There is a chance to select which ad can be put in your website or blog. Bidvertiser is pay per click. There are many advertising networks, but if you want to make money online, then Bidvertiser is the best way. You can use it to increase your income. Sometimes it is hard to explain which ad network can work better for you, so it is up to you to choose which suits you. Consider using Bidvertiser, which is the best Adsense alternative.

The Bidvertiser impressions vs. CPC

Cost per click is when publishers’ ads are clicked and get paid by the advertisers. CPC bid is used by advertisers because when your ads are clicked that is when you are charged. They would also like to pay for the ads which produce an outcome. However, if your budget is low, you can use CPC. Ads that do not produce clicks are not paid by advertisers. The advertising networks mostly use CPC.  The advantages of using CPC way of advertising are that a good audience is suitable for various type of ad. This means that there is a possibility of the message to be appealed to the visitors in your site and make them click on it. Advertisers take a low risk with CPC because they pay for only those ads that work, but they can also be high earners or recipients for publishers. Participation in CPC campaigns can bring a lot of impact to all the advertisers globally. In this case, various companies would like to use pay for clicks. The number of advertisers who are willing to run CPC campaigns is high.

The disadvantages of CPC way of advertising is that CPC campaigns take a big risk when the ads cannot be produced by your audience. You might not earn anything and end up attending a high number of ads. In this case, you will produce many ad impressions and reduce your revenue from those few ads you got from your visitors click.

Bidvertiser is a good alternative to AdSense

Advertising online does not only use Google Adsense just like a lot of people consider it. Marketing online with the use of advertisements can use many types of ads for advertising. It is good for webmasters to come up or look for various alternative ways of advertising for your website.

Bidvertiser is one of the best advertising network alternatives. Bidvertiser can work with other networks of advertising. The rate at which Bidvertiser uses per click is moderately lower. It can only increase when you lengthen your stay with Bidvertiser because it takes more time to find the site that has the highest purchasers. With Bidvertiser you get instant authorization while the AdSense will take few minutes to appear. Bidvertiser ads are offered, and these are a slide, banner, text and mobile ads. They provide the publishers with a builder tool which assist you in converting the Bidvertiser ads and make them fit into your website.

Bidvertiser present the monthly payments through PayPal or check. If you choose to get payments via PayPal, the minimum payout is $10. One disadvantage of using Bidvertiser is that the advertiser order system is used. The advertisers place the bid and choose which site those ads will appear on. So, it will take more time for advertisers to get your website in the BidVertiser advertising network and start requesting on the spots of your ad.

When using Bidvertiser one can put many ads units as possible but for the AdSense, there is a limit with a maximum of 8 ads units on one page. The rate of Bidvertiser payout is not high. Money is earned per click. You can use Bidvertiser as an alternative to because it is hard for Google AdSense to approve your website. Sometimes Adsense can ban you from using it so you can consider using Bidvertiser as one of the best alternatives. Another reason you can consider AdSense alternatives is they regularly checks the sites, and there are many rules to be followed.

The users of Bidvertiser.

Bidvertiser can be used by all types of publishers this enables them to put ads on their websites, and they can also use it to earn income. Bidvertiser will pay you when you get effective clicks on the ads that you have put on your website or a blog and also the conversations that are made from the clicks. When that visitor who clicked that ad goes to the website of the advertiser and makes a purchase you will have a chance to earn money. When a publisher provides a good traffic which transforms to a good revenue is given a conversion bonus by the Bidvertiser, the payments are added to the publisher on a monthly basis.

Bidvertiser is that network of advertising that publishes ads compared to other advertising network such as AdSense. This plan determines the work and the products it gives income to those publishers. The publishers use CPC, CPA, and CPM where each ad provides revenue. Webmasters use these methods for marketing and earning through their websites.

Bidvertiser is the advertising network that has been operating for a long time, and it is also a very well-known site for pay per click. It mainly focuses on giving all types of the website a chance of making money through it.

Other CPC adverts avenues for webmasters.

Webmasters who use PPC to publish ads get to earn profit from them. If you want to see whether a network is the best you can check the traffic volume that it produces and the number of advertisers it has. Check the rate of ads per conversation and price per click. Google Adsense, Info links, and Amazon Associates, are the other advertising networks used today by potential publishers because they provide high revenue to them. Info links do not have average banner space to put the ads so the ads will appear in hyperlinks or when minimized. One of the advantages of info links is that they are free to use, they are natural, and they work great with other ads solution. Info links do not also interfere with the experience of the users.

Google Adsense network is one of the best online advertising networks.  It is the main source of income for Google, and they likely deliver ads of high quality. Media net is another ad network that provides ideas of what PPC ad networks is. Media net gives relevant ads and tools to check your performances.

Google product listing is one of the channels that enable customers to search easily your company and whatever product you are advertising. Pay per click is another avenue that most internet marketers use as a means of earning online. It is an online advertising way that attracts many customers to their websites. The publishers are paid by the webmasters when the ads get to be clicked.  The individual who has clicked the ad must show interest in the product that you are advertising so that you will be able to determine whether it will give a profit or not. The keywords of the products should be relevant to attract more individuals and more clicks on your website.

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