What is Corporate Branding?

Corporate branding and design

What is corporate branding?

Corporate branding is how businesses, firms, and organizations promote their brand name as opposed to products and services to customers or investors through the design of a product and advertising. In other words, it is how companies sell themselves to customers. It is an attachment of advanced reliability for a new product linking it with a recognised company name. Each product that is marketed by a company can use corporate branding because it is the process of creating an organisation brand. Corporate branding thinking and actions are different from the branding of goods and services because the range of corporate brand is wider. A brand is an exclusive name, design or a symbol and branding is creating awareness of company’s goods and services to consumers by seeing the brand.


 Corporate branding is identified by three different levels. The first level is monolithic identity. This level is where a company or business uses one name that appears to all of their products. Branded identity is the other level of corporate branding. This branded identity refers to how a company would like to be known by customers. The last level is endorsed identity whereby organizations with subsidiaries choose to have their different styles, but the main company is noticed in the background.

The Importance of Corporate Branding

Why is branding important for your business?

When you come up with your brand, you would like to know your experience with your esteemed customers, you would like to know everything from your image or logo, check your website, your involvement with social media and how your customers relate to your stuff. From there you can try to understand what is in your brand. In other words, your brand is how your customers see you.

People will do business with the companies they know because they will feel comfortable buying products and services from your company. Establishing a brand identity of your products and services are the simplest ways of marketing. Branding desires are not limited only to the marketing of products. Corporate branding assists customers to identify various products offered in a business and relate to it. Effective branding reduces the necessity of hug marketing starts for each new product because the consumer has a certain understanding of the quality, dependability and the purpose of the product.

  1. The personality of the Company

A business or a company nature can be described by an effective corporate branding. The character explains the kind of employees they have, appearance and touch of the products, the packaging and the storage of that product. These qualities enable customers to recognise the company and relate with it well by giving it identifiable human-like qualities. Companies can be considerable or reliable. When customers create a good relationship with a company they normally make a passionate attachment with it. Good relations develops customer loyalty, the profits will improve and will benefit from advertising through word of mouth.

  1. The Long-term Planning

When starting a corporate brand it needs a lot of commitment to a lasting marketing and product reliability plan. When handling daily operations, it helps pay attention on quality, place the employee drive and take the company toward a common vision. Corporate branding influences customers to the company.

  1. The Identification of  a brand

Brand name and identities are vital tools in a business. They deliver a meaning to the consumers and catch their attention. This applies more to corporate holdings companies as it also happens to Coca-Cola, BMW, and Apple. Constant images, logo and a color pattern of a company create awareness to the stakeholders about the products or the information of the company. Images keep the stability among products lines, types, and different markets. Physical appearances help a customer to get a company’s product very easily even when in a busy market place. Corporate branding allows customers to keep the image of a company in their minds.

  1. Targeting

Corporate branding lets the marketing determinations to simply target the most suitable parts for product propositions. This essential aspect distinguishes a company by daily life, natural features, and socio-economic factors. Branding helps consumers to choose the suitable products for their needs or desires. The branding supports the rating policy for the target market.

  1.  The company’s Market Share

When competition is high and increasing in markets, it is a challenge to the marketers. This is where corporate branding assists the company to expand its market share by increasing the footprint of its product. A recognised brand does not require a lot of strength in marketing the products and services of a company to new markets. When a company has an effective brand image, with high quality products can gain access to well-known markets and take market share immediately this will increase profits to the company.

How to do corporate branding?

Before you try to describe your brand, you need to conduct a survey. Take enough time to look at your company and observe its determination and place.

There are five steps to follow when you want to describe your brand goals, its nature and   how you would like people to react when they approach it.

  1. The Vision

A vision explains clearly the future of the company. Make it ambitious and motivating with only one sentence in length. When establishing a vision, think of products and services that are important, the uniqueness of your brand, how customers define your brand and how you want that company to be in years to come.

  1. The mission

A mission statement defines the determination of the company.  Make it simple and clear and motivate employees and customers. Focus on what the company does to address its needs, the principles that explain the approach of a company and the reason why customers purchase products from you.

  1. A core

The spirit of the company tells the emotion of your customers on they feel when they come into contact with your brand.  A brand's essence symbolizes the heart or soul of the company defined in one word. A good example of brand essence is Volvo is safe or Lamborghini is exotic.

  1. The Personality

The character of a brand defines how that brand acts, reflects and responds. It is the image of the brand and human appearances to a business. For instant Apple is described as new and stylish.

  1. The position of the brand

The position of your brand obviously speaks for the uniqueness value of your products and services and how customers benefit from it. It should explain the audience, type of brand, name a strong product and service, keep your brand separate from competitors and  be assured that your band will produce.

For Business or companies that already have their brands and feel they want to build a stronger brand, they might find it difficult to come up or develop a strong brand that most consumers recognize. Some companies also have strong brands that can be recognized by customers because all their products are branded. For companies that have not established a campaign for corporate branding sometimes can be devastating to know where to start. Most people feel that there is wastage of time and resources to start by using their websites, Facebook or other marketing tools. They can consider checking the  following; they can do auditing, determine the brand capacity, let the stuff suggest on how they perceive the brand, make the brand come alive by gathering all the information given and  have the guidelines for implementing the brand.

How to choose the right company for corporate branding and design

When many businesses want to brand, they normally go for branding agencies to do their design and bring your brand to life. There important things to consider before signing up to any agency and make sure you are making the right step. There are vital steps to follow when choosing the right company for your branding. The quality of work is one of the methods to consider the right company or agency you are giving your work. You can do research about the company on their website and you can be assured of their job or the work they offer. Check how they work and you will be able to come up with the right decision. A website that does well will definitely offer quality work and they can work for you. The cost of work is also another important criterion to follow. Your budget will determine the size of agency you want to hire. For a small budget will go for smaller agencies when considering agencies be real and open with your budget if you really need quality work. The style of work will also be considered. You can visit their portfolio to see whether they normally receive awards and this will show that their work is highly respected.

 Customization of the work is also important when considering the right company. A high qualified agency will be in a position to understand your goals and the message you have a good design that pleases your customers.  You need that agency which can provide a brand approach and design to a high level and it is at the same level with the picture of your brand. The agency might be having many customers and still have several styles of design that means it is highly qualified and have enough skills. You can also check various jobs they have done for other business to be sure they can customize your design. Make them see what is really unique with your brand because branding is the face of your business. They should give you guidelines and structure. They need to make your business successful. Great agencies should focus on taking you to the right path of success. Let them come up with unique and professional designs for your corporate brand.

Approaches to corporate branding

      Individual branding approach

According to this approach, new products are given new names with no links with the existing brand which the company offered. Individual product branding the selling group should work hard to develop the brand in the market. This approach enables the brands to depend on it thus reducing threats which can happen to other brands that a company marketed. Brands can produce financial expansions through brand equity model. According to individual branding approach, every brand creates its own equity which lets the company sell separate brands without including other brands that the company has.

    Family branding

On this branding approach, new products are retained to existing brands. In this case, the brand is already recognised so it will help the company create awareness and approval of the market fast and the brand will be well known.  The only weakness is that the market has already recognised observations of the brand. Moreover, under family branding, if a negative advertising arises for one product inside the brand it can spread to other products which use a similar name.

    Private branding

Some companies are being produced some of their products by suppliers as well putting brand name of the product of those companies. Even when Suppliers produces retailer’s products, they also market their individual products and the stores will comprise the two brands.


Generic branding

Some products produced by suppliers are not branded. These are products that customers get at low prices. They are substitutes for the branded products. An example of these alternatives is paper products. 

The cost of corporate branding

Branding costs run the range depending on how you want your brand to face the market. The brand can target the moderate competition within a small area or face the main competitors in the global market. Budgets also differ on how you can influence your market through digital communication and social networks or if you will have to use traditional marketing channels. If your aim is to establish brands that can enable you to grow, control, and also sell in future then you should have a good capital required to have a good start.


In conclusion, organizations must spend the necessary energy and resources in Corporate Branding as they do on anything else.  A customer will decide withing the very first crucial moments, if they chose to research on your product further or move onto another.

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