Microsoft Sharepoint

Microsoft SharePoint.

Windows SharePoint Services is a web platform that is usually in the form of a portal that allows users to create, manage and share document over a network. The platform also allows users to create web services that are customized to suit the requirements of a company or organization. The platform was built by Windows Corporation as a productivity suite and, therefore, it is available free of charge to users who have a license for Windows Server Web Hosting. SharePoint's main purpose is to function as a podium where files can be shared by authorized team members. These files that are shared range from lists, pictures, calendars, and documents to discussion boards. All that is part of SharePoint site and any user you entitle within the network of your association and consumers outside your systems such as associates or vendors. The users need to have the application so that they can access those pieces of information and work together with you. In other words, Microsoft SharePoint is an intranet platform which offers employees

with the influential collaboration skills which are essential to focus on your objectives.

  The Windows SharePoint Services web page view is built by a combination of web modules that make up the ASP.Net pages, and the user portal is built by linking these web pages together. For external users, the organization can provide online links where they can access the SharePoint websites. Notably, files can be shared to external users via guest links. Organizations and companies such as Wild Frontier use the Windows SharePoint Services technology to increase the efficiency of processes related to business and also enhance team output in the institution.

How to use Microsoft SharePoint

For starters, Microsoft SharePoint requires a login account to enable users to access the site easily with their credentials. Once you have an account with SharePoint, you can now use the URL:, which takes you to the main SharePoint site.

Then, click the sign in button at the top right of the page to allow you to log in.

This practice takes you to the next step where your log in credentials is required. These are the username and password. After keying in these two, click the sign in button. This allows you full access to your SharePoint account.

To get you started with SharePoint, sign into Office 365 or your organization website, there are links to Newsfeed, OneDrive, and app launcher navigation with sites in it. These are the main entries to SharePoint. Most organizations use SharePoint to build websites. Get to know and view your team site. It can be used as a safe place to share a store, organize, and use information from any device. You only need a web browser, such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer.  The Newsfeed this enables you to be tuned to conversations among other workers and keep updated on the activities around. The OneDrive for business is where you keep work documents and files. Once you store them here, you will be the only person to see them, but you can share them and use your mobile device to access them. There are sites where you can find and access the sites you want and create new sites too. For settings, you will find more sites for customizing your SharePoint sites. SharePoint is so powerful that you can do many things with it. You can upload files to OneDrive, and you can access them anywhere you want, or drag files from your computer to OneDrive for business, you can open a document in a library and work with your coworkers on the same document at the same time, you can as well share documents, sites and create sites too, you can keep previous documents while you make changes to it, you can search for information and share it with the everyone in the organization.

How to implement Microsoft SharePoint

For an expanding organization such as Wild Frontier, the need for better organization of operations, employees and information increases and this calls for the implementation of Windows SharePoint Services that allow for the growth of the organizational needs. Windows SharePoint Services handles the increased workload by having more servers that correspond to the increased operational and business needs. To achieve the best performance of the Windows SharePoint Services, it is advised to install it on an SQL server that is compatible with the model of the Windows SharePoint Services being implemented as the SQL Server has little limitations that allow for upgrades of the Windows SharePoint Services. More to this, implementing the Windows SharePoint Services and the SQL Server provides the full-text search feature, provides enterprise administration tools and allows for the implementation of server farms as well as server clustering.

Once Windows SharePoint Services implementation has been done in the organization, then workspaces available on the platform are used for management of operations. There is a document workspace that has a home page with the list of members using the site, shared documents, links, tasks and any announcements available. The home page also has a Quick Launch Bar that contains hyperlinks used for creating any addition link that may be needed in the organization such as the user contacts, picture library, surveys, events and general discussion. Once the document workspace has been created and customized as per the requirements of the organization, the workspace administrator invites all the team members into the workspace and adds appropriate user restrictions and permissions on the site. The authorization for access to the files ensures that only the team members are accessible to the files within the workplace.

The features of Microsoft SharePoint

These are features and abilities of a team site based on Windows SharePoint Services

  Manage information

The contact list helps you to communicate with your co-workers. Your team can also use this information after adding contact information such as e-mail address and telephone numbers. Moreover, Microsoft Share point is a powerful tool that allows you to link contacts to your address book from a contact list which need the use of window SharePoint services such as Microsoft Internet Explorer. Link list enables you to post hyperlinks through the use of link list to webpages that interest your team. Custom list is whereby team sites centered on Microsoft SharePoint have an inbuilt list that you can share common information such as announcement or task to your co-workers. You can also create a custom list of your own to keep your information.

Share files

Windows SharePoint offers a team site with storage for their documents and retrieval your team can find and share files and documents easily because it has check-in and check-out key. It comprises of document files whereby these files you share with the members of the team. You can also have a library of documents for a certain project. It also has pictures library which gives an easy way of sharing and organizing pictures having one location for the team to view.


With Windows SharePoint services your team can collaborate to a new level. They can share and manage information on the team through work space. The collaboration feature helps the team to keep updated with information such as shared calendars. It comprises of announcement list which you can use to post status, news and other information you may need to share with team members. It also has event list which keeps you updated with important dates and information for the team.

Site customization

Windows SharePoint services sites are important to teams. As a member of as a team, you are allowed to customize your site and also change its appearance. You can put other functions without the use of any other application. It is comprised of pages which enable you to customize your homepage easily, and the web parts are stored on your site. Ability to customize your website does not necessarily mean you have to be a web designer or a technology guru but have basic skills to make changes on your website. It also provides a space and opportunity for adjustment of personal views and alerts.

How do organizations benefits from Microsoft SharePoint

The use of Windows SharePoint Services in an organization promotes teamwork and cooperation of workers and different departments because everyone in the organization is connected to a network and can share documents easily. The services ensure that people in the organization have access to necessary data and information at any time and regardless of the geographical location of the user.

  Organizational information is better managed in the workspace, and this encourages the better monitoring of the operations and employees which enhance the overall performance of the organization. The workspaces are further configured to internet access networks to allow for communication with other remote offices.  The configuration that allows for communication with remote offices requires these offices to have a compatible Windows server as well as a SharePoint Portal Server, and depending on the external use; a Client Access License is also required. External users who don't belong to the organization can only access the workspace if they have an additional valid SharePoint External Connector License.  Different administrators are required to manage documents in each of the satellite offices and also to configure the collaboration of the specific office with other offices. However, a top-level or overall site is needed to manage all the workspaces being used in the Windows SharePoint Services for the organization.

Once the network that serves the document management services is in place, Terminal Services Licensing is implemented. The Terminal Services Licensing is a system that makes it possible for terminal servers to acquire and offer management to Terminal Services Client Access Licenses for all the hardware devices that are connected to the terminal server network. Wild Frontier wishes to use the available number of printers to serve its employees, and this can only be possible if the printers are configured into Terminal Services environment. To manage the printing services in the network, the network administrator is supposed to implement a local configuration of the available printers in a small unit organization. In this server that runs the Terminal Services, the printers are connected locally to a network interface, and they are available to all users on the network automatically. This means that any user within an office in the organization can print using the Terminal Services client that allocates the printing job to a local device.

When employees want to do remote printing in the satellite offices, then net share protocol is used to access the printers on a remote server. In the net share protocol, the printers available on the server are on a per-user basis of definition whereby, when a printer is defined for a given user, it is available to that user only during the printing session. This helps in the management of the print work and reduces the possibility of work mix up in the printing station. Once the user completes his printing session, he /she is supposed to log off so that the server redirects a new session to the next user. To control the access of unessential websites and applications by the users in the organization, a web monitoring software is used. The program is purchased and installed on each computer in the organization, and each computer requires a unique license for protection. Once the program is installed, then the administrator can check to customize the various applications and websites they need to offer control on. The Windows SharePoint Services may be efficient for data management, but they don't have a sufficient data storage capacity for the ever growing data and information in the organization. For this reason, the organization needs to have a simple external binary large object (BLOB) store for the SharePoint data which usually available in the unstructured form of binary data. The external storage suggested is run parallel to the organization’s database that holds the content for the site SQL Server. From this external storage, data can easily be retrieved by the SQL server whenever required.


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