What is WordPress


WordPress Is the fastest and powerful Content Management System software which is growing extremely fast and very easy to use which makes it used massively in blogging and managing content systems today. It is also an online tool used for creating a website which is written in PHP.  WordPress is mostly linked with blogs because it gives room for blogging experience whereby it is its main function. Designers decide to build WordPress to content management system instead of making it a tool for blogging. They developed its functions by providing a room to create many sites.

Who uses WordPress?

WordPress is mostly used by companies, also music sites and celebrities too. The most well- known blogs and also the music and news outlets, who, use word press. If you are using WordPress when publishing on the web for your company website, then you are in the right place. For an instant, some blogs such as Mashable use WordPress, the New York Times is one of the news channels that also use WordPress. The famous sites and people use WordPress so that their sites will be great and powerful.


Building a website is not a problem because when having WordPress you do not require any skills to make a good looking website. WordPress is the most used tool which is used for creating a website in the world today. It can create websites of different kinds making it grow from a simple blog to a well promising website in future for doing business. It is also capable of creating an online store. This means it is simple to create a highly qualified site with WordPress. Even without any knowledge of HTML or writing code you can still create a website with WordPress because it is easy.

How do I get started using WordPress?

You may be asking how you will get this WordPress, but it is free. You can use it free and also free to adjust it. This aspect of WordPress means that the user can do anything they want with WordPress especially for those people who love playing with codes. The best part of WordPress is that you can change your website to any hosting service whenever time you choose or host it whichever place you like. This factor makes it an advantage over other website tools which are free because, with some branded services such as Weebly or Wix.

WordPress cannot lock you into them.

There are two ways of using WordPress. You can download it for self-hosting installation through, or it can be hosted by version. With hosting version, your website will use official WordPress servers. This aspect shows that you can start creating your website for free and make it awesome. There are some disadvantages in regards to whereby it is not possible to access all the themes which are available. The other disadvantage is that you cannot use the mini-programs which add some features to your website. If you want to use your name, you will be charged a small fee for it. The use of version when you want to operate WordPress in your website account, this is the way that you will use. This aspect means that you can control all the functions and designs of your website. Also, it is the reason why many people use WordPress for their site. When you feel like getting WordPress take the opportunity and consume every offer it gives. You can decide to move your site later because with WordPress there is no lock-in. You do not require any special tools or install any app on your computer to get WordPress because it runs online. This makes it easy to update your website being anywhere as long as you have an internet connection. You can also get mobile apps for Android phones and iPhones with free WordPress.

The steps to take when you want to install WordPress

The first step to follow is to read

WordPress is easy to use, flexible and so powerful. This makes it a great product to use. WordPress can create a website and maintain it. Therefore it is important for you to read and understand the subject. You can check your time and in the long run you will be able to save enough time if you are only knowledgeable. That is the only thing to remember before you decide to use your time to install WordPress. You need to get some documents to read then you get started with its installation.  The beauty of this CMS, step by step guides are literally EVERYWHERE.  Or feel free to use our Forum and we'll be happy to help you out. 

The other step to follow is making a plan

Making a plan is vital on how you will use WordPress or how you want to use it on your website. You need to decide on whether you will install WordPress and test if it is suitable for you or installs in the root directory. Check if you have types of your sites which will establish the content by sets. Have the number of pages that you would like to add to your site so that it would be easy to review. Think of how your header art of your site will be and improve the content strategy with some topics that will help you to start blogging. Lastly, think of how you will incorporate the social media to the site of WordPress and its workflow.

The third step is the installation of WordPress. It is easy to install WordPress, and it is well-known for that. The process of installing WordPress is very simple which takes few minutes to finish the installation. Some web host provides with tools which can help you install WordPress automatically. You need to meet some requirements so that you can run WordPress. Download WordPress with the current version, the password should be provided to secure your site and keep the web page open when installing.

The last step is to setup WordPress. Once you have completed installing WordPress, you can do the setup, and it will work your way. The administration screens will guide you and give details on how to understand different features on WordPress.

Importance of developing website in WordPress

WordPress is the popular tool used for developing websites and it allows you to create various types of good-looking or attractive websites by use of mini-programs called plugins. It has a very simple procedure which has great features. It is the appropriate Content Management system which is preferred mostly by companies and designers. It has many features which are considered as the key aspects of developing a website in WordPress. It helps businesses with various kinds of content management services and supporting them technically. The following are the discussed importance of developing websites in WordPress.

It creates a good website

WordPress development and customization can make your online company so attractive and good-looking. It is one of the main types of WordPress because it makes your business more effective with its satisfying working procedure.

It is easy to access

The websites which develop through the use of WordPress are software’s which are based on the browser. It is not necessary to access any given software on your computer so that you can update the WordPress site. Moreover, WordPress theme customization is crucial because it offers your online presence the capacity to make your business available to people who are not aware of your business or what your business is offering.

Social Media Friendly

This is whereby you link your website with various social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn which will enable you to attach with many people or connect with them. This is through the use of Open Source CMS WordPress.

It is easy to deal with

 It is easy to get different plugins and themes which can create a WordPress site. Therefore, with WordPress, it is easy to modify those plugins and themes which you use on your website. Building a website in WordPress makes the work easy and also easy to update.

Update the content

WordPress Development brings a large number of ventures to improve, edit, and amend the content of their website in a suitable method.

It is the best platform for numerous businesses.

Content Management system WordPress is the best support for several businesses. It is also the best for starting businesses and small business who need simple websites to create their venture with good features.

Features of WordPress

The beauty of using WordPress is that it is free, meaning that you have full control over it. There are some features which make it more efficient and reliable. It is proven to be the most powerful tool used by many sites today. It is the most well-known content management service which contends many publishers like New York Times and CNN. This explains that it is proven to be the best. It is very easy and simple software to use. Even with no necessary knowledge or skills on how to use it, most users get the basics with no training. WordPress is built for publishing which makes easy sharing of content and attracts traffic to your site. You can do it in social networks by sharing content which enables visitors to visit your site. That’s why it is a content publishing platform. WordPress is supported by the community who help in solving the challenges by sharing information. The new WordPress version which was released lately has been downloaded many times showing that it is getting support from the society. It is therefore created to prove a success. With WordPress, you are capable of creating and maintaining many sites by the use of WordPress installation. It allows many sites to share one WordPress installation. When many sites are activated, you can convert the original WordPress site to support sites network.

How to Choose the Best WordPress Hosting

For a website to be successful, it is accompanied by one of its main component which is web hosting. When you choose the best web hosting, you will automatically increase your sales and expand your SEO. You should consider the security of the site, the speed and its reliability which are essential things to check when getting your WordPress hosting. Free, Shared, VPS, Dedicated, and Managed WordPress hosting are the categories of WordPress hosting choices offered.  With free WordPress hosting, they are accessible in online platforms, and these are achieved by people who are selling part of their server to get revenue. This happens by putting their ads on the site and putting a text link in the footer of your site. They will make a profit by selling those links to makeup that free space was given. Free host sometimes is not reliable because you will never know when they will stop giving that free space for the ads.

Beginners mostly use shared WordPress hosting because it offers a good starting point and it is much affordable. Shared hosting is sharing of a large server with many sites. When you have many sites on the same server, the shared hosting sources can provide servicers at a cheaper rate. When your site starts to get important server load, they are going to let you upgrade your account. They have to do this to avoid negative affect performance of other sites which are hosted on the same server. Shared WordPress Hosting is the most preferred WordPress hosting provider by small businesses owners and bloggers who are starting.

WordPress Virtual Private Server Hosting is a method of separating server into many servers with the need of customers. If sharing the server with others it will still give you the same control over other dedicated server. The developers and bloggers use VPS to measure their websites. For medium-sized businesses, high traffic blogs, and aspirant developers use VPS WordPress which is preferred best for them. Therefore, evaluate your WordPress hosting needs before you purchase because it also saves you much money. It is up to you to determine which WordPress is hosting you should prefer for your site. If you have been thinking of using WordPress, this is the right time for you.

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