What is a Joomla CMS


Joomla is the of the most well-known content management systems in the world which enables you to create and manage a website. It has a natural controlling part which handles all the types and tasks that this powerful Content Management System contains. Moreover, it has many free extensions for Joomla which enables users to spread its functionality and modify it to their purposes. There is a vast and friendly community that support Joomla Content Management System whereby anybody can get help from many experienced associates.

What is content management system?

A content management system is software which maintains a way of each part of the content on your Web site. The content can be regarding text, photos, music, video, and documents. The most important thing of using this software is that it does not require any knowledge or technical skills to manage it because it is capable of managing all your content. 


Why Use Joomla?

Joomla being at the top of its competitors, it has many advantages over its competitors. It is not expensive meaning it is affordable; it is very easy to learn and understand this shows that it does not need skills to manage it, and you can set it up very fast. Joomla is completely free to use however much your implementation. It is free because it has a well-given support structure and having non-corporate origins. Moreover, there are is an individual fee needed for Joomla which contributes to keeping up and running it. People contribute to its advancement out of the desire to create something which can meet the needs of small and large sites. 

When you start your site, there will be no problems which will come up because Joomla is open source. You can inspect and change any part of Joomla because its entire platform is clearly open so that you can achieve individual needs for your site. Developers and designers have created many mini-programs, extensions and templates with other options to enable you to access your website conveniently even without being web designers’ expert. Many people contribute to Joomla making it free accessible to the public because there are some companies which are established to provide quality software and services which work together with Joomla community. You may be surprised why they would offer free services to the public. The companies dealing with it spends most of their time working with consumers to enable them to achieve their websites desires and interest into reality. They mostly work and contribute more at night to make the Joomla platform much better. A company like iAuthenticate offers Joomla with many useful and free templates and extensions. They also create the best models and applications for anybody who want to boost their sites with spending less time and money for that.

Who Uses Joomla?

Many different site types and styles find Joomla useful. It is the largest web software which government organizations prefer using around the world. Therefore it is utilized significantly for corporates, e-commerce, for education, used for media, blogs, and personal websites use it which means that it is extremely useful.

One of its main advantages is its usability. It doesn’t matter if you are a new web design student or anybody from different field of career who want to learn how to create a website, the best choice to make is to use Joomla which feels to be the most popular software. It is not necessary for you to have knowledge of web development or programming and how to customize a site. Still, you can build something original and unique by tapping its open codebases. With Joomla, you can create a custom module where no other site can do it for your site.

How differs from 

These are the services of Joomla and is the latest version. It helps you to maintain and create a website free. The site structure of the software that you will use the service, it is a little improved Joomla CMS version. The designed website on this service will be presented for free on with unlimited time. On the other hand, is the community site for Joomla. It enables you to download the whole version of Joomla CMS; you can find a document which is appropriately detailed and see how you can use it. You can ask help from other users, get to know the community activities and read their projects and you lastly engage yourself with them.

How will you get started with Joomla?

For those who have not used Joomla, it is necessary to know how to get started with Joomla. You might have come across friends who uses Joomla and get interested in having your website. You might have heard of a community or business owners who want a website, and they want to use Joomla, and they have never used it, and this is how you need to get started. To create a website and maintain it with the use of Joomla is very easy for anyone who wants to use it even for the beginners who want to set up a new website. You need to consider reading some basics on what Joomla is, if you consider using Joomla on a project then you will need to review some materials on Joomla. Before you start using Joomla, you will require a working installation of Joomla.  You will be necessary to have an account on the web server if you need your website to be available on the internet. It is obtaining an area and signing up with any hosting company which will serve as the primary address for your site. When you get ready to install Joomla, you can, therefore, download the latest version of Joomla, and you will be able to run it by yourself. Developers and designers who want to start using Joomla, the use of is the right place for you to start. There is a lot of information on Joomla, and you can access documents on For designers who want to know more about on how to create Joomla templates you can check on template management section and you will get to learn and understand how to design on Joomla is easy.

What are the Steps to follow when installing Joomla?

The first step to follow to install Joomla on a web server by downloading the package of Joomla installation is by downloading Joomla from only which is its original website. Click the button of download which has the current version of Joomla. The hard disk will get to save the package of installation. On the web server, the Joomla files will upload there. The use of FTP is the easiest way of uploading Joomla installation files.  Creating MySQL database is the next step to follow for Joomla use and assigning permission to the one using it. After that, write the name of the database, write down the password and username that you have created and should be adamant because you will need them in the process of installation. The next step is to go through the process of installation. After uploading the files and folders for installation, you will open the browser and direct it to the central area. It will depend on where you uploaded the Joomla installation. After doing that, you will go to the first page of Joomla web installer. You will be required to put necessary details of your site and the username for the installation process. After filling the necessary details, you will click on next button to take you to the next step. You will put your MySQL database details on the next page. After filling the necessary information click next to proceed with the installation process which will take you to setup the last page. At this point, you will decide whether your server will have a sample data to be installed or not but for those who are new to Joomla are advised to take the default sample data. You can create your website, and this sample will be a good example for you to use. It allows you to delete any file you want at any time. Finally, you will find a button called remove installation folder and click on it. Joomla web installer is the last page that you will come across when installing. It is crucial for your website because of security purposes. With that, nobody will uninstall your site in future. From there you will have your Joomla site ready to start creating your website content.

What are the Benefits of using Joomla CMS?

There are some advantages of Joomla that made it the best well-known content management system on the planet. Joomla is fast, and editing is easy too. Assuming that you want to edit a page from your website and using a CMS is not your idea you will need to use FTP this means you will download, you make the changes you want and then upload it. There are some questions you need to ask, what will happen when the upload expires, what if you don’t know how to use FTP, how will you know the page that needs updating. Any CMS can solve those issues by making editing of your website easy, but Joomla makes it simpler and straightforward because it has powerful editors. Lastly editing content in Joomla is easier to locate that content than other CMS.

  It is an open source system whereby, in today's’ world the software controls most websites. Joomla uses MySQL for storage, and it’s created using PHP which is the best open source web and script language at this time. While MySQL it is the used mostly as open source databases because of it the most powerful. Many developers use them to support Joomla and program new extensions for Joomla. It is also a tool that creates menu quickly and very powerful. It makes it so attractive, and it shows that Joomla has the easiest list creation tool. For the people who don’t have experience in programming can as well create it. It has many menu items which point different location making it the best open source structure. Joomla is SEO friendly because it is built in basics of its functions. You will only allow them to work on your Joomla website. Joomla lets you establish clearly the report and Meta keywords of pages you want which also support your SEO standings. Joomla enables you to do the basics of SEO on your own.

What is the importance of Joomla website design?

Website designs are multiple of things that focus on different businesses need. It is developing web pages and sites which work JavaScript, HTML, and other web terms. Joomla website design comprises of information and graphical user which do not have to program. The main point of using graphic designer is to create and obtain a real site which attracts and leave an impact impression to a client. For you to improve your business through the internet, you need to have effective website design. Joomla website design signifies texts and pictures in attracting way to the customer. Many people use it for advertising, especially by online companies. For an excellent internet site, you do not only need to make it look appealing to customers but also have simple routing that will encourage people to visit your site severally. It is going to increase your revenue. Joomla is open source CMS which has the most preferred ways of creating websites. One of the most vital points of using this content management service is that implementing and managing of the website is very easy and straightforward. Joomla sites contain some characteristics such as plugins which are part of extension such as Joomla. They are useful to develop a website. Joomla website design help in preparing the banners and ads by use of its elements and this will help you find the templates that you can use to make any type of website.

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